SUPER BOWL 50 What about those commercials!!

What a game last night!  I’m happy for the Bronco’s.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find the commercials to be all that great this year, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost my sense of humor 😊 

There was however one commercial at the very end that I found disturbing.  It was one of the last ones asking people to turn off the water while brushing their teeth.

This suggests that if we all turned off our water while brushing our teeth, we could conserve our planet’s water reserve.  We are only talking about 4 gallons of water!  When you compare that to how much water is needed to produce beef, that hardly scratches the surface.  It's like asking someone who’s apartment building is on fire to extinguish it with a child’s water gun!  If they were really serious about our planet’s resources, particularly water in this case, they would be advising people to cut back on their meat consumption!  

Let’s take a look at the math.

  • That means 55 BILLION POUNDS of beef was consumed in 2000.
  • This cost the planet 99 TRILLION GALLONS of water in the year 2000 alone!!

99 TRILLION GALLONS of water used just in the U.S., in the year 2000 to raise cattle.  If just one person stopped eating meat, that single person would save 350,805 gallons of water!  If just one person turned off the facet while brushing their teeth, that single person would only save 2,190 gallons of water annually (that's assuming that person brushes their teeth twice a day). "The average human needs to drink approximately 1 gallon of clean water per day to survive. With the global population topping 7 billion people and 2.7 billion of them facing clean water scarcity, just one person’s decision to cut out meat could free up the water needed for 445 people!”

In summary, Colgate spent 8 million dollars (or $300,000 per second) on a commercial calling people to an action that will have no meaningful impact until the issue of agriculture is addressed!