The Earth Is Flat


"When powerful people repeat an idea often enough – even when it is false – a mind-blunting form of authority is established, and getting there can be an alarmingly swift process.”

Unfortunately, this happens in medicine quite often.  An idea becomes indoctrinated into society. It becomes the "worldview".  And anyone who suggests an idea that contradicts the "worldview" is sure to suffer the wrath of society.  A good example of this is when THE EARTH WAS BELIEVED TO BE FLAT.  It sounds ridiculous today, but this was widely accepted as fact, it was how people saw the world - indoctrinated into society.  Galileo's support for the heliocentric theory got him a sentence of LIFE IN PRISON.

There are certain things in nutrition/medicine that have become indoctrinated into our society that are flat out incorrect.  For example, the belief that we need to drink milk in order to make our bones strong, which couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth.  In fact, it's just the opposite!  Or the belief that we need to consume animals in order to meet our protein requirements.  This is false. However drinking milk and consuming animal protein is doctrine in our society, thanks to the marketing efforts of the multi-billion dollar Dairy Industry and Beef Industry.  My challenge to everyone is to be more like Galileo!  Never stop seeking the truth.  Be open to, and learn how to accept if a belief you once held to be true since you were little turns out to be the exact opposite. This is the only way we can truly grow as a society.