We All Have or Have Had Cancer!!

DID YOU KNOW??....You've had cancer multiple times and never knew it?!! You and everybody you've ever known has indeed had cancer in their bodies many times over the course of their lives. In all probability, you have cancer in your body right now — and not just in one place but in sites across numerous systems. The reason we're not all dying from cancer is because in a vast majority of cases, our immune systems are very efficient at locating these mutant cells and destroying them before they have the chance to go into uncontrolled cell division. 

Your body's ability to heal itself is an undeniable phenomenon the human brain will never fully grasp. When you fuel it properly, your immune system will constantly fight for homeostasis without you even knowing it. Your body's #1 priority is to keep you alive. Be good to yourself and to your body and your body will be good to you!