I had a big scare last year! I'm so grateful my spinal tap was negative for MS. Others may not be so lucky.

Dr. Roy Swank conducted his initial trial on 144 patients with MS from the Montreal Neurological Institute. They were followed for 34 YEARS!! This is unheard of! No drug study ever lasted 34 years! The value in doing this shows the diet is not only effective in the short term, it's effective in the long term as well.

Patients were placed on a low saturated fat diet...1-15 grams per day. The progression of MS was REDUCED or STOPPED by the low saturated fat diet!! Reduction in fat was effective even for those with advanced MS at the start of the study.


  • 1st year - 70% reduction in exacerbations
  • 5% per year reduction after that
  • 95% total reduction and remained constant for 16 YEARS!
  • Swank reported that about 1 in 500 patients did not respond to dietary intervention. In other words...THE ODDS THE DIET WILL WORK IS 499 IN 500!!!!
  • 95% of those consuming the low saturated fat diet remained normal or only mildly disabled at the end of 30 years; only 5% of those patients died
  • 80% of patients consuming the higher saturated fat diet DIED of MS during that period. (YOU NEVER SEE THESE KIND OF NUMBERS WITH PHARMACEUTICALS OR PROCEDURES)
  • Dr. Swank published additional studies documenting his success with OVER 5,000 patients.
  • Other researchers corroborated his work and also showed strong links between cow's milk consumption and MS!!!!!

Are you convinced yet that animal products add zero benefit to your health, only detrimental effects?? If not, that's okay, I'm just getting started!!