• Genetically susceptible children who are weaned from their mother's milk early, fed cow’s milk formulas, and have leaky guts are more likely to develop juvenile diabetes.
  • U.S. study stated that genetically susceptible children who consume cow’s milk have 11.3 times greater risk of developing juvenile diabetes. This represents a risk greater than the risk that a smoker will develop lung cancer.  
  • How do kids get leaky guts?? They get ear infections from consuming cow's milk and are prescribed antibiotics, which most ear infections would resolve on their own anyway without antibiotics. Those antibiotics wipe out the child's gut bacteria which causes leaky gut...this leads to a cascade of events that leads to a child developing diabetes.

Kostraba JN et al, “Early exposure to cow’s milk and solid foods in infancy, genetic predisposition, and risk of IDDM,” Diabetes 42 (1993):288-295