Are You Living A Balanced Life?

Hi there! Vanessa here to help you create a more balanced lifestyle so that you can shine, not just in one area of your life, but in ALL areas of your life!

How will I know if my current lifestyle is unbalanced? Questions to ponder below...

  • Are you used to getting things done on your own, but could use a little support?
  • Do you often pile too much on your plate at one time?
  • Do you want to build a healthier relationship to food?
  • Do you eat when you are bored, angry, sad, or stressed out?
  • Do you want to develop a deeper connection to yourself and others?
  • Do you want to be empowered to be your own health expert?
  • Do you want to discover optimal eating for your body?
  • Do you want more confidence, energy, and self-acceptance?
  • Do you want to be challenged in new ways?
  • Do you want to be held accountable to show up for yourself and get out of your own way?

If you are ready to embrace the best version of your life possible, then click on the link below to schedule a time to talk with me about the important steps to take to make changes in your lifestyle that will help you CREATE your DREAM life!


To your health!


So What is Mindful Eating Anyway?

Mindful eating means taking the time to honor your food by choosing high quality, organic food, preparing it with care and eating it slowly and mindfully using your five senses to really enjoy it. 

It means allocating quiet time to prepare and enjoy eating your meal without rushing or multitasking at the same time.

Mindful eating is a way of saying to yourself: "I respect my body enough to be mindful of what I put into it and of the way I eat."

My clients find that eating mindfully helps to...

  • Sense intuitively when you are full
  • Gain way more satisfaction from eating
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food
  • See food as medicine
  • Discover new tastes and textures
  • Improve digestion (less gas and bloating)
  • Regulate bowel movements
  • Discover food sensitivities
  • Create healthy habits that enliven you

How will you know if it's time to learn to eat mindfully?

Glad you asked!

Click on the link below to see a 4 minute video of how you can incorporate this into your life RIGHT NOW! Below the video, in the description area, are a list of questions. If you answer "yes" to any of those questions, it's time for you to practice mindful eating...


In my health coaching practice, I help clients discover what triggers them to overeat or binge eat. Then I lead them through a step-by-step process to learn how to eat mindfully and to learn what to eat for their unique body.

To schedule a time to talk with me about how you can learn to eat mindfully, simply respond to this email. I'll help you understand what's blocking you from eating mindfully and I'll show you how to get started.

To your health,

Self Love...One of Life's Most Important Lessons!

Imagine how you treat yourself on a daily basis as if you were another person, in a relationship with you.

Are you good to yourself? Is your mind kind to your body and soul? Or is your inner critic having a field day?

Do you...

  • Beat yourself up with cruel self-talk
  • Set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations
  • Deprive yourself of things you deserve through self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Abuse your body through neglect or harmful choices

If so, it's time for a little self love! These behaviors wreak havoc on our mental and physical health, our relationships, and our careers. 

But how in the heck do you learn how to love yourself??

Click on the link below to see how I started learning how to love myself!

Much love,